Yay another few steps!

So proud already of my little project! It’s still in it’s infancy, but we’re taking steps and learning to walk. Pretty soon I might even take time to add actual content!

Yay Secure SLL / Animated background script / Page Consistency / Policy !

Since my last post I worked on keeping the styles minimal and getting them (more) consistent across pages. While keeping bells and whistles intact I added scripts, styles and hookups for (my custom) minimal animated backgrounds; Using minimal elements like ‘svg-imagemaps’ animated by triggering/randomizing ‘css’ (style) through javascript.

Granted I still need to write a ‘toggle’ to switch the added behavior off, I decided to add some animation for now. Currently it stops after filling background with social icon images. Perhaps I can even get it to visually mash with ‘nighttime theme’ at some point, I haven’t tried but can imagine most of the effect will be lost in darkness.

Meanwhile I also got an automated nudge to add a ‘privacy policy’ to the site, so I also took considerable time to flesh-out some of my thoughts on privacy and policy as it applies here. *not at all important for the current format and still subject to change!

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