Added a custom Night-mode and Option Dialog

I quietly designed and implemented a dark theme or ‘night mode’ and built a custom options menu, but with snazzy transitions! Both are still new and need to be finetuned some more, but should already work well on desktop and mobile devices, so I have now enabled both for as options for you to use via the top-menu -> click ‘visual setting’ to try them!

The options menu itself is pretty cool two; instead of opting for an off-the-shelf solution (there are many), I designed and coded my own! Taking inspiration from modern cookie-permission menus, seen across the web; I designed some fancy ‘radio-buttons’. All of which are done in web-media standard CSS Cascading Style Sheets and jQuery/Javascript.

It has been a longtime wish to also options to disable the background animations for users that don’t want them.. So I added those as options two!

For now I’ve added these options under a singular main menu option that’ll only highlight by the adding ‘(new)’ to que usage, but in a future addition to my scripts I’ll add animated ques for users that haven’t used (set) preferences. I’ll also look at making the dialog do scrolling for really small mobile screens, for now it should just about fit most screens. (I hope; let me know if yours doesn’t or if you have any other feedback, here or on Facebook, a link is in the ‘footer’).

“KarmicKick has been secure since 2018, see the little lock-symbol and note the address features a ‘https:‘ ahead of the domain name. It remains in development and at this point I will focus more on writing actual articles to publish on the platform!”

I did add some copyright disclaimers to my scripts as I don’t like the idea of my work being copied willy-nilly. Sure one can look at and take inspiration from my scripts and mark-up, but ripping and reusing I frown upon! I am available for custom work on -and-off-site 😉 😉

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