“Hey amigos and amigas!

-I’m somewhat proud and have been hesitant up to now, to give you all a first glance at this..”

I am busy getting this new .com-site in order; those of you who know me will know I like reusing and repurposing stuff.. Also you’d perhaps know I am opinionated and technically capable, as a web-developer, former statistical analist and volunteer amongst plenty of other specific and general interests.. I have insight, experience and often take time to delve into subjects that are prone to shifts or are yet unfamiliar to me.

Enough about me, this is about my site, which is still very bare bones and barren at the moment. If I put off showing this site until ‘it’s done’ that’d be a while still and wouldn’t motivate me as much to keep going, as when I know that people could be looking in on my progress.

With focus and activities as wildly varying as mine and without prying eyes; I did manage to hook all of you up with this-here secure website with no tracking and NO ADS! [And] before ‘launch’ I did feel I needed to stress my dedication to re-usage by creating a unique first version of a scripted background-animation, that reuses the (and randomises) the social icons already embedded in the page!

“-please let me know if the background animation is too much, if it makes your devices run hot, makes fans spin up ..or if it triggers a seizure!”

Anyway, I have plenty of reusability experience and some *fun* reusability-projects planned, next to wanting to reflect & interject on current affairs and trends.

“-feel free to comment here or via social, directly or publicly. I love getting constructive critiques, positive, negative, funny, indifferent or oppositional, any feedback is welcome <3″

#Reusing, reporting and reflecting on the current state of “the interwebs”, internet-trends, web-development, high-end work-stations, “modding”, nature and politics..
,, occult knowledge, (fake) news, censorship, identity politics, mis-information, tailored science, post modernism, humanism & mind control.

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