Procrastination Style Development

Building websites is my thing, but usually involves me receiving external input and direction. This site being my own, it’s up to me to decide on a style and layout.

Being an indecisive turd when it comes to larger questions in life, the indecisiveness in choosing a theme, color-pallet and layout is not surprising! Luckily I am versatile in throwing things together and radical change-ups in style on running projects.

For now let’s go with a bland, understated look. At least I decided on a logo that’s recognisable and pretty well suited to karma and kicking.

Playfully kicking against aspiring power structures, new technologies, social trends, censorship, taboos, dogmas, ideologies and activism. Shit sticks/stinks and irrational arguments are usually hollow and not structurally sound. I see plenty of things to highlight daily, so much so that the reoccurrence of BS seems rhythmic and patterned(!)

Sadly over time we are in a loosing game against outrage-culture; progressively giving up rights, privacy (, language, ..) for a false sense of security. I don’t like ‘alarmists’ and ‘activism’, because of the sad state both have devolved to; ‘virtue signaling’ and unreasoned repeating of mantra’s (and violence).

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